Does Your Horse Need Dental Care?

What to look out for:

At some point as a horse owner, you will most likely be in need of an Equine Dental Technician. I recommend that you have your horses teeth checked once or twice a year depending on what level of work they are doing or the age of your horse, this will ensure that your horses mouth maintains healthy.

Unfortunately most horses will not show any warning signs of discomfort so it is imperative to have a routine dental check-up so any problems can be addressed.

I travel out to your yard to work with you and your horse. I always show and explain what I am doing in the horses mouth and why, any questions whilst I am working, please feel free to ask! As a horse owner and rider, I understand how a balanced mouth can be everything when in tough competition, so I can explain why what I am doing will be of benefit to your horses way of going.

I travel to different areas on different days so please give me a call 07805 271 771 or Email me and we can come to an arrangement!

Faye Holgate Equine DentistryHorse dental care is essential to ensure it’s well-being. As we humans have domesticated equines, we have taken out most of the abrasive feeds that they would naturally eat in the wild, stabled horses also lack the grazing time that a horse would naturally have. Eventually over time this can lead to many malocclusions in the horses mouth, due to this I usually recommend between 6 months and yearly routine check-ups (dependant on each individual’s case).

Signs to look for that your horse may be having a problem with his mouth:

  • Head shaking

  • Quidding (dropping feed)

  • Hanging on one rein

  • Flexing better one way

  • Head throwing

  • Over bending

  • Halitosis (smelly breath)

  • Evasion of the bridle

If you are noticing any of these problems in your horse or are just looking for a routine treatment, please get in touch either via E-mail or phone 07805 271 771.

Warning Signs 1
Warning Signs 2