Dentistry Law

I have passed my B.E.V.A exams so therefore I am a fully qualified equine dental technician that also carries the correct insurance.

Do you know who’s looking after your horses mouth?

The current law states that anybody, even people with no training, can carry out small dentistry procedures on your horse. However this does not include the removal of wolf teeth, overgrowth a over 4mm or the use of motorised equipment.

There is currently a recognised qualification which is run and approved by B.E.V.A (British Equine Veterinary Association) and B.V.D.A (British Veterinary Dental Association).

After passing this tough three stage theoretical and practical exam, you are eligible to join the BAEDT (British Association of Equine Dental Technicians). All qualified EDT’s also have to carry full medical malpractice and public liability insurance.

For further information on this please visit BAEDT by clicking on the link!